Westridge Meats, The Ridge Meats and Northpoint Meats select only the very best MSA Yearling Beef, produced locally to our strict requirements. Our yearling beef comes from the grassy fields of Killarney, and is tender stretched for unrivalled quality. We also use our own German cure with secret herbs and spices – that’s why our beef tastes so good!

Below are a selection of our quality beef products. Visit any of our three stores to purchase. 

  • Whole Budget Rump
  • Whole MSA Yearling Rump
  • Sliced MSA Yearling Rump
  • Whole Budget Rib Fillet
  • Whole MSA Yearling Rib Fillet
  • Sliced MSA Yearling Rib Fillet
  • Whole MSA Yearling T-Bone
  • Sliced MSA Yearling T-Bone
  • Whole MSA Yearling Eye Fillets
  • Award Winning Thick or Thin Pure Beef Sausages
  • Quality Lean Mince
  • Heart Smart Extra Lean Mince
  • MSA Topside Roasts
  • MSA Blade Roasts
  • MSA Rolled Rib Roasts
  • Award Winning Corned Silverside
  • MSA Diced Beef
  • MSA Stirfry Beef Strips
  • MSA Sirloin Steak
  • MSA Tender Y-Bone Steak
  • MSA Blade Steak
  • MSA Cattleman's Cutlet's

Bulk Body Beef

Buy in bulk and save!

We offer several of our highest quality beef products in bulk, including:          

  • MSA Yearling Side of Beef
  • MSA Yearling Hind Quarter
  • MSA Yearling Fore Quarter

All orders are packed and labelled to your requirements.