About Us

On June 27, 2017, the Luke and Michelle Jensen took ownership of Westridge and The Ridge Meats, Toowoomba’s most loved local butcher shop. Luke had been the manager of the Westridge store for the previous five years, and was bowled over when long time boss and mentor John Yeo suggested that he and his wife Michelle take on the business. With 15 years of experience in the meat industry, Luke knew it would be a challenging, but very rewarding leap into business for him and his young family. 

Westridge and The Ridge Meats are no strangers to awards and have collected quite the cabinet of ribbons, trophies and honours. Perhaps the greatest of all of these achievements, is having won the Australian Pork Industry’s “Best Ham” twice in a five-year period. Judged by Michelin Rated Chefs and a Master Small Goods Maker, their ham won a rating of “perfect” in nearly every category, making it one of the finest hams this country has ever seen.     

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